Transport Genie rides wave of success as part of Ocean Protocol data marketplace

Ag-tech innovator Transport Genie advances smart-sensor monitoring system through blockchain-focused accelerator program

BURLINGTON, Ont., May 14, 2021 – Canadian agri-tech start-up Transport Genie Ltd. is poised at the forefront of the open data economy as it leads the first wave of companies to publish datasets on the Ocean Protocol data marketplace.

Transport Genie’s smart-sensor system monitors microclimate conditions to ensure the safe and humane transport of farm animals. Earlier this year, Transport Genie was selected to join the first cohort of Ocean Shipyard, a three-month accelerator program that helps start-ups build applications and tools for the Ocean Protocol blockchain ecosystem.

Transport Genie President and CEO Joel Sotomayor said Shipyard has been a rewarding collaboration that has helped fine-tune the Transport Genie system to improve animal welfare and enable customers to control and monetize their data.

“It’s been a great experience,” said Sotomayor. “Ocean is a top-tier blockchain company, and their developers and marketing team have supported us with guidance about everything from best practices to improving the capabilities of our sensors to marketing and managing social media. They really want us to succeed.”

Transport Genie’s precision monitoring system uses rugged IoT sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions inside livestock trailers. The system collects real-time data and employs blockchain technology to store and share that information along the supply chain. Transport Genie provides accurate real-time data to drivers who can then take immediate action to resolve any issues before they become a serious problem.

Transport Genie sensors have been deployed in field trials across Canada, Europe and Australia helping producers and trucking companies protect the health and welfare of swine, poultry and cattle during transport. The company is also exploring new opportunities in Mexico through the Mexico Ag-Tech Canadian Technology Accelerator.

Founded in 2017, Ocean Protocol is a blockchain-based platform designed to allow businesses and individuals to unlock the value of their data. The technology enables private data to be shared in exchange for cryptocurrency tokens without compromising control or security for the data owner, while ensuring traceability, transparency, and trust for all stakeholders involved.

Transport Genie is contributing to the growth of the Ocean ecosystem by providing new data from its IoT devices, improving the diversity of datasets within the Ocean Market. That data could be used by epidemiologists, AI developers, livestock genetics companies, traceability experts and other stakeholders interested in animal welfare or how transport conditions affect biosecurity, production rates, meat quality and more.

That information has value — and the people who own the data should benefit from it, Sotomayor said.

“Ocean is building an ecosystem that’s all about democratizing data,” said Sotomayor. “By working with Ocean Protocol, we can provide farmers with the toolsets to monetize their private data by controlling access to their information, how it is used and by whom.”

For more information, contact:

Joel Sotomayor
President and CEO
Transport Genie Ltd.
[email protected]

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