Our advanced precision monitoring solution can enable smart decisions

We monitor micro-climate conditions so you can create "stress-free" transportation events.

Welcome To Transport Genie

We make it possible to transport animals humanely through our smart sensors and our roboust framework.

You can now monitor livestock from farm to their next destination. We offer real-time alerts and use Blockchain technologies to keep an electronic record of activities throughout the transportation value chain.

Improved Supply Chain

We help boost your customer service offerings and reduce operating costs by integrating our solution to your supply chain system.


We record hundreds of data points per minute to give context and insight in your business.

Easy To Use & Edit

Our system is wireless, easy to set up and offers out of the box solution.

Transport Genie

Get real-time alerts and make informed decisions.

We make it easy for you to understand what is happening to your livestock while in transit.

Real-time alerts

Monitor driver behaviour

Integration with other systems

Why Choose Us?

We have a bespoke ecosystem that is modular and can be applied to other industries and applications

Modular Design

We can accomodate additional sensors when needed.

Science based solutions

We work with various Canadian researchers to help us identify the best design.


We can help you provide data context and insights.

Bluetooth Low Energy

We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send data securely to our in-cab device.


Our ecosystem can be used for multiple species and various applications.

Real-time Alerts

We've built our own secure messaging protocol to provide real-time alerts and help you make informed decisions.

Our Ecosystem

Transport Genie Ecosystem

Our Expert Advisers & Team

Joel Sotomayor

President & CEO

Idris Soule


Zak El-Bastami

Senior Software Developer

Cameron McGlade-Bouchard
Cameron McGlade-Bouchard

Research Analyst

Arios Yu
Arios Yu

Junior Hardware Engineer

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